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what I read in March

The end of April is coming up so I figured I’d jump back a month and do my March reading wrap-up first. March was a pretty light reading month for me, and well…clearly I did not get around to blogging either! I had friends visit from out of town at the beginning of the month and for someone whose social life usually revolves around watching Great British Bake Off or occasionally making tacos with friends, that week and a half threw off my usual rhythms. (It was also great! I loved seeing some of my great friends who now live all too far away from me and getting to have fun dinners and go to a cool convention.) Therefore, my reading list was pretty light–but I really liked what I read.

I like to post my more informal thoughts in these wrap-ups but you can always find my occasionally more polished or detailed reviews over on my Goodreads! Click on the titles to go to my GR review of that book.

guards guardsGuards! Guards!

So technically this is in my March reads, but I really started this way back in…December?. It has been my “bag book,” meaning it’s the one I basically take with me everywhere and read bits and pieces of at a time. I love that it’s easy to dip in and out of Discworld, although I admittedly did that too much with this one and lost track of the plot at some point. But when I committed to reading it more, I was fully pulled in to Pratchett’s zany world and humorously astute observations. (I resist the urge to write down quotes I love in his books because there are TOO MANY.) 4/5 stars

el deafoEl Deafo

I really enjoyed this delightful graphic novel (/sort of memoir?). The art is engaging and works wonderfully with the text to tell the story; it’s the perfect format for conveying Cece’s hearing loss as a child. There are funny moments, emotional moments, and everything rings so true. It was a super quick read for me because it’s a children’s graphic novel, but I think it’s one of those stories that is great for adults and kids alike to read. 4/5 stars

hat full of skyA Hat Full of Sky

I always have at least one Pratchett book going along with whatever else I’m reading (see Guards Guards above) and when I’m in a bit of a reading slump like in March, I often turn to Discworld. This is one of the Tiffany Aching books and it’s as humorous and magical as the rest. I did listen to this one on audiobook though, and I’m notoriously spacey with audiobooks (I cannot focus just on audio) so I definitely missed bits of the story here and there. Audiobooks can be great for my commute, but I still have trouble with them. 4/5 stars


The Girl From Everywhere

This one had so many elements I love: time travel, maps, history, charming characters, adventure, emotion… And, I did love it! I thought it was a unique take on the time travel idea, and set up the rules for this particular version of traveling in such a way that made sense without being overly explained (don’t try to understand the timeline outside of the main characters though, it will hurt your brain). There’s a good mix of emotion and character development with a good old fashioned caper. Really excited for the next book as well! 4.5/5 stars


Labyrinth Lost

With this one I went back and forth tons on my rating for GR (why is there no half star?!). I loved some parts of this story–the sisters, the worldbuilding, the sense of culture and community, the voice, the magic of the brujas. But there were a couple characters I couldn’t get behind and the plot felt underdeveloped and muddled by the end. It was a pretty short book and it felt like there was more story that just wasn’t getting fully explored. So while I enjoyed this, I didn’t love it. That said, super looking forward to continuing with the Brooklyn Brujas series and following along with Alex’s sisters’ stories. 3.5/5 stars

So there’s March–stay tuned for April’s wrap-up in just a couple days!

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